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Doug Jones

Doug Jones
Senior Sales Representative

Direct: 507-386-6375
Toll Free: 800-891-1345
Fax: 507-386-6303, 800-844-9325
Mobile: 507-381-1540


Printing Experience: 45 years
Expertise: Has taught, managed and worked in all phases of print production
Favorite part of job: "Being involved in every phase of complex projects from start to finish"
Awards: 2002 Taylor Corporation "Legends" Sales Award

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Peg Woods

Peg Woods
Client Support Assistant

Direct: 507-386-6341
Toll Free: 800-248-5338
Fax: 507-386-6303, 800-844-9325
Alan Miller 

Alan Miller
Job Planner - Estimator

Direct: 507-386-6353
Toll Free: 800-729-7575, x66353
Fax: 507-386-6303, 800-844-9325