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Digital Content/eBooks

Corporate Graphics offers your printed content in digital form in the following formats. Contact your sales representative for pricing.

Extension: .pdf (Adobe Portable Document Format,
a free shareware from Adobe)

  • Electronic version of the pages will look the
    same as the print version. 
  • Text will not reflow nor will it enlarge or be
    made smaller with the device/reader features. However, end-user can use the pinch and zoom technique to enlarge the whole page. 
  • Can be created as a single or spread version. Restrictions may apply if viewed on a device. 
  • This style of book may also be made as an interactive PDF. Functionality allows for navigation, roll-overs, links, video and sound. It is however not suitable for reading on a device that do not support Javascript or Flash. 

ePub2 and/or Mobi Format
Reflowable ePub
Extension: .ePub or .mobi

  • Text and images reflow to fit the device screen.
  • Original printed page formatting and
    layout is often lost.
  • Only in a single page format. Two page is
    driven by the support of the device.

ePub3 and/or KF8 
Fixed ePub
Extension: ePub or .mobi

  • The page will look like the printed page
    layout and fit to book size on screen.
  • User can click on a word to copy, search
    or to look up a word in a dictonary.
  • This format is best suited for coffee table
    and illustrated childrens style of books.
  • Not all the same features are available
    in a KF8 format.
  • This style of book can also be made with
    less functionality as an image-based solution. 

Format: Delivered to the customer as a zip file that will need to be unzipped and loaded to your webserver.

  • Flipbook may include additional text, links,
    audio, images or video.
  • Needs to be hosted on a website with
    internet connection.
  • Full functionality on websites via a computer.
    Limited functionaliy on devices.
  • Flash-based.