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Color Management

Unlike the human eye, hardware and software are not able to see the full range of color. Each system has its range of color or gamut. So, your monitor would have a certain range of color, your printer another and your proofer, yet another.

Color management takes these gamuts and integrates software with hardware to create a common color space. The idea is to get the same look from your monitor to your proofing device to our printing press. In order to manage this color space, color profiles need to be integrated into the workflow. Without this, you would need to rely on trial and error. Most often the result of this is a discrepancy between what you see and what you want.

Understanding Profiles

Corporate Graphics is committed to helping you achieve your desired colors. The following link will educate you in properly preparing your files and images for success at the press. If you require further assistance and/or literature, please contact us.