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Step 1: Loading the Output Style 

A. Download output styles and color settings below. 

Click here to download settings for Photoshop Mac

B. Unzipped downloaded files and move the files into the following locations on your MAC.

GRACol2006_Coated1v2.icc place in the following folder:
Hard drive>>Library>>Application Support>>Adobe>>Color>>Profiles.

CCG_CS3.joboptions OR CG_pdfx4.joboptions place in the following folder:
Hard drive>>Library>>Application Support>>Adobe>>Adobe PDF>>Settings.

CG_InDesign_ColorSettings.csf place in the following folder:
Hard drive>>Library>>Application Support>>Adobe>>Color>>Settings>>Recommended

Step 2: Turn on Color Settings 

A. Open Photoshop. Be sure all documents are closed.

B. Edit>>Color Settings, select CG_Photoshop_ColorSettings

Click OK.

Color Settings

Step 3: Writing a PDF 

Make sure that all instructions in steps 1-2 have been followed before writing a PDF.

A. Keep file as layers. Do NOT Flatten. This will help hold the integrity of any type created in photoshop. 

B. Under File>>Save As>>Name your file.

C. Under Format, select Photoshop PDF.

Make sure Embed Color Profile is checked. 


D. Under Adobe PDF Preset:

Select CG_Photoshop>>Save PDF