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Step 1: Loading the Output Style 

A. Download output styles and color settings below. 

Click here to download settings for QuarkXPress 7 or 8 (PC)

B. Unzipped downloaded files. Right Click on the GRACol2006_Coated1v2.icc color profile. Choose Install Profile. 

Step 2: Setting the Preferences

A. Open Quark to set Preferences. Be sure all documents are closed. 

B. Select Edit>>Preferences>>Default Print Layout>>Color Manager.

C. Set your Preferences to match the screenshot below.

Color Engine: Automatic

Check the button next to Black Point Compensation

Source Setup: QuarkXPress 7.0 Default

Check the button next to Enable Access to Picture Profiles

Proof Output: None

Rendering Intent: Relative Colorimetric

Color Settings

Step 3: Import Color Setup 

A. Edit>>Color Setup>>Output

B. Import file called>>CG_Quark7_8_Setup>>Open

C. Click Save or the setup will not be saved. 


Step 4: Import Output Style

A. Edit>>Output Styles

B. Import file called>>CG_Quark7_8_Style>>Open

C. Click Save or the Output will not be saved


Step 5: Writing a PDF

Make sure all instructions in step 1-4 have been followed before writing a PDF. 

A. Under File>>Export>>Layout as a PDF

Layout as PDF

B. Name your file. Click on PDF Style and select CGC_Quark_7_8>>Save