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Step 1: Loading the Output Style 

* For versions CS3 and prior: Please submit the native files, all supporting fonts and images. Corporate Graphics will open your file using InDesign CCS and write a PDF. Please request a proof to make sure all fonts, images and text are as indicated. 

A. Download output styles and color settings below. 

Click here to download settings for InDesign CS4-CS6 (PC)

B. Unzipped downloaded files. Right click on the GRACol2006_Coated1v2.icc color profile. Choose Install Profile. 

Please note: If you are using more than one Adobe program to create your files, the color profile only needs to be loaded one time. 

Step 2: Load The Color Settings 

A. Open InDesign. Be sure all documents are closed.

B. From the Edit Menu, Choose Color Settings

C. In the Color Settings Window, click Load

D. Highlight CG_InDesign_ColorSettings.csf, click Open

Color Settings

Step 3: Turn On Color Settings

A. Edit>>Color Settings, select CG_INDesign_ColorSettings>>OK


Step 4: Load the Adobe PDF Preset

A. File>>Adobe PDF Presets>>Define

B. In Adobe PDF Presets Window, select Load

C. Highlight CG_pdfx4.joboptions, click Open

D. In Adobe PDF Presets Window, click Done

Step 5: Writing a PDF

Make sure that all instructions in Steps 1-4 have been followed before writing a PDF.

A. Under File>>Export

B. Name your PDF.

In CS4: Select Adobe PDF>>Save


In CS5 or CS6: you will need to choose Adobe PDF (Print) (Not Adobe PDF Interactive)>>Save


C. Under Adobe PDF Preset >> Select CG_pdfx4>>Export